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Friday, January 21, 2011

Euphoria Plus

Euphoria Plus from A1 Meds

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(( Grown With Specially Selected Bio-Nutrients ))
"This Super Strain, Also Very Rare To Southern California. Originates In Holland. Redeveloped and Cared For, "Like A New Born Baby". This U.S. Version Has Earned It's Place Amongst The Worlds Best Medical Strains!!!" - A1 Meds

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Master Jack

Master Jack from A1 Meds
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(Master Kush X Jack Herer)
This Super Exclusive Strain ( that you will only find here )

Was Developed Alongside The Legendary " Jack Herer " Himself.

This Is A Remarkable Herb, With Many Years of Development Behind It, Which Makes It Top Of It's Class!!!!

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Head Band Hash

Head Band Hash
Head Band Hash from MMMessengers.Org

Image and Description provided by MMMessengers.OrgLA Medical Marijuana Delivery

This Indica/Sativa Hybrid is a cross breed of O.G. Kush, Master Kush and Sour Diesel that comes straight from the South Humboldt County region. Patients will experience a strong euphoric head buzz that is accompanied with a body low lasting from 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Northern Lights

Northern Lights 
Bud Review by MMMessengers.Org | (888) 420-8280
Indica | Highly adaptable for Indoor Growing
Real smooth blend. It's ideal for day-time usage with nice nugs and a great smell. N.L. is a 100% sativa strain grown outdoors in organic soiled containers within S. Humbolt County. It's ideal for anxiety, stress and pain relief. - California Medical Marijuana Delivery

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grape Ape

Grape Ape | Marijuana Review by CLOUD Magazine

Genetics: Afghani x Skunk #1 | Indica Dominant
 The legendary herb from Apothecary Genetics. Super dense nugs covered in hairy goodness, Once we opened the jar a sweet fruity scent filled the house. The smoke is very expansive and can bring an individual down with one hit. This one has a quick hit effect as well as the creeper. All in all a great choice for medicating. Available at SoCal Botanicals in Homeland...

White Rhino

White Rhino Marijuana Strain | Image from Marijuana U

History and text from Skunk Magazine | Volume 5 Issue 8 | Closet Creatures - Hot Milfs | Having the smallest internodes, yet the largest buds, Green House Seed Co.'s White Rhino is a cross between Afghan, Brazilian and South Indian genetics. Essentially, it's a White Widow crossed with an Afghani father.
Famous for medicinal properties. Flowering period is 8-9 weeks. Sweet taste when harvested at proper time.

Maui Wowie

Images and History of the Maui Wowie strain | Image from 420 Magazine | Description from a contributor at Gardens Cure - "It's (Maui Wowie) an excellent outdoor strain that profits from space, because it's a
very good structured plant with a lot of branches. It can grow to 2 meters
and could give 400 grams of medium length buds crop. Their odor (in
best individuals) is very fresh : good indica flavor first, very fresh
and a little hashy at the end. The high is relaxed but happy with little
sativa influence. Good for music and connecting with nature. Hope the info
helps you. Dubi.

Death Star

Images and History of the Death Star Strain | Images from Grasscity | Death Star is a clone only strain that originated in Ohio. A combination of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. Death Star is said to be very "headie" marijuana. If you would like to share your experience you had with the Death Star strain or you disagree with the information here, post a comment and tell us what you know.

Green Crack

Green Crack | from MMMessengers.Org

Image and Description provided by MMMessengers.OrgCalifornia Medical Marijuana Delivery

Very pungent strain which smells and tastes like candy. It's ideal for
all-day usage with no drag. This blend is perfect for anxiety, stress
relief and relaxation after a hard day's work. G.C. is a 60 % sativa
blend grown indoors in organic soiled containers within S. Humbolt

Are you a card holding MMJ Patient sitting around in Southern California thinking, goddamn that Green Crack looks good? Well call them up, they'll deliver it from San Diego to Los Angeles.  Bookmark these guys. They are a class act with quality medicine. 

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Blue Dream

Blue Dream | from MMMessengers.Org

Image and Description provided by MMMessengers.OrgLos Angeles Medical Marijuana Delivery

Blue Dream (Blueberry x Haze) was bred by patients for medical effects
using the body high of an indica and the cerebral effects from the
sativa. It’s highly effective for pain without the sedative effects of a
pure indica. Patients needing effective pain relief during the day will
find the effects are long lasting and will find it has a pleasant
taste. This batch is grown by Sarah, who's been growing for over 15
years in Mendicino. She grows in organic soil and really takes amazing
care of her plants.

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Afgoo | Marijuana Review by CLOUD Magazine

Genetics: Maui Wowie x Afghani #1 | Sativa Dominant Hybrid

A gorgeous specimen of this wonderful strain. The flowers have pale amber hairs and the trichomes glisten as if covered in micro diamonds. The smell is indescribable, bold enough to clear sinuses and robust enough to enjoy. Be careful when handling the buds as they are extremely sticky (don't waste the triches man). Smoke is as heavy as a hash and as heady as a haze. Tangy and Peppery with a high that starts behind the eyes and builds to the cerebrum. - Available at SoCal Botanicals in Homeland.

Jupiter OG Kush

Jupiter OG Kush
Jupiter O. G. Kush - The pungency you would expect from an O.G. as far as smell with a hint of lemony orange pinyness. The flavor is not from this planet; rocket fuel with a piny solid aftertaste. Very cerebral and very fast acting. 
BUZZ? Straight up stoned. You instantly feel it kick in right after the first exhale. It seems to go strait to your head and gradually moves throughout the body. Every hit increases the intensity. I would recommend eye drops as it definitely leaves your eyes dry. Very potent and tasty. Some variables of O.G #18 feminized from DNA genetics. CLOUD Magazine

Fire OG Kush

Fire O.G. Kush Images and description from CLOUD Magazine - "Very Strong first rip came out through the nose and pretty sure I no longer have nose hair. Crack a nug and you'll smell what I'm talking about... does anyone have an extinguisher?! Patrick himself said it was fire. Pack your shit and let's go camping. This is the perfect kindling for getting the party lit. Supernatural taste with an instant long lasting high. Indica dominant Kush. Another OG original from Elite Genetics.

Blue Raskal OG Kush

Blue Raskal O.G. Kush 
- Medical Marijuana Review from CLOUD Magazine -

Fruity taste with a hint of O.G. aftertaste. The flavor lingers on your tongue like a Kush cologne. "Sweet and Sharp!" says Carol of 420 Studios. We would have to concur. Flowers have a purple blueish tint with kind of a berry  pungent dank aroma. A cross of Cali Connection Seeds' Raskal O.G. and DNA Genetics' Blue Dream. If you come across this sweety, don't hesitate to purchase.

I.E. O.G. Kush

I.E. O.G. Kush

Bud Review from CLOUD Magazine. Indica dominant Kush True genetics are a mystery. Available at I.E.C.A

An icy cool version of our favorite connoisseur strain. Literally cool, the taste has almost a minty effect to it with that pungent O.G. undertone. The high is immediate, hitting you right behind your eyes... so smooth yet so intoxicating. I almost forgot what I was writing about. Oh Yeah. The long lasting, heavy hitting affect is both a soaring cerebral marijuana high, and a physically stimulating sensation which is more than enough to fall in love with this flower.

Lavender Master Kush

Lavender Master Kush

The following bud review is from CLOUD Magazine: A wonderful cross of Soma's Lavender and the world famous Master Kush. Unbelievably dense flowers with an amazing fruity kush scent. Room smells ridiculously dank once the smoke hits the air. A wonderful high that starts out subtle and leaves you with full blown couch lock. Be sure to have plenty of water on hand for this journey. No telling where this one will take you. Lavender Master Kush is available throughout Southern California. If you see it, grab it.

Gold THC and Sour Ogiesel

Gold THC and Sour Ogiesel - review from CLOUD Magazine

Revelations Patients Group came up with the perfect combination. Wow is all we can say. The perfect one two punch. Filled with everlasting flavor and a seemingly constant elevation affect.

Gold THC:

Certified potency ratings: CBD .20%, THC 78.01%, CBN 8.60%
A major accomplishment for an extract. This stuff is what its name says it is; GOLD. By far the most potent and longest lasting extraction we have ever come across. Thanks again to Revelations Patient Group, and please keep them coming. We live for this!

Sour Ogiesel:
OG Kush x Sour Diesel
 Certified potency ratings: CBD .36%, THC 20.65%, CBN .42%
These flowers delivered a special something to all of us. The initial aroma is exactly what the name suggests. A tingly sour D followed by the piney OG. I think all would agree when we say OMG. Very helpful for pain relief and uplifting your spirits. From a woman's perspective, it is extremely helpful for cramps and nausea. An all around great strain no matter what time of day it is. It seems to put everyone in a much better mood and a more relaxed state of mind. A big HTGB  thanks to Revelations Patient Group in Mira Loma.

Jack OG Bud Review

Jack OG Bud Review from CLOUD Magazine

Jack Herer x OG Kush

Bright tight green nugs with plenty of red hair accent... Subtle smooth stench with a sweet sativa sting... Amazing texture when breaking up. The initial taste is a sweet pineapple OG impact... It hits you instantly and the elevation continues to creep on you as it burns evenly.
Smoke is very dense and strong. Expands when it contacts your lungs... Stings the nostrils upon exhaling. We fell in love with this upon cracking the jar. Available today at Nugg Life Caregivers.

G 13

G - 13 | Marijuana Review by CLOUD Magazine

Genetics: Alleged Government Released Strain | 100% Indica 

These flowers are very tight and compact. I just walked in to a room filled with such an unbelievable aromatic goodness which cannot be described. The smoke leaves the back of your tongue coated with a superb kush aftertaste, with a high that seemingly punches you in the face. This highly sought after strain is available at:

D.B. Labs 24/7 Delivery Service!! - SoCal DIAL (951) 823-9514

Purple Pre 98 Bubba

Purple Pre 98 Bubba | Marijuana Review by CLOUD Magazine

Genetics: Mysterious Platinum Bubba | Indica Dominant

Purply Grape aroma with a strong Bubba scent. Bright orange hairs with a deep green tone. Burns beautifully and evenly, leaving an awesome flavor lingering on the back of your tongue. High is an amazing creeper, getting better with each letter 1 type. The smoke leaves the air with a rich kush stench. Be sure to keep plenty of water around for this as it will leave you High and Dry!!! Available at Revelations Patients Group in Riverside.

Licorice Kush

Licorice Kush | Marijuana Review from CLOUD Magazine

Genetics: Hash Plant x AK 47 | Indica Dominant Hybrid

These flowers are fluffy and dense at the same time. The name pretty much describes the smell. Smokes very clean and smooth, not at all harsh with an initially sweet flavor. An all around great hybrid with vivid effects of both strains. Instant and a creeper at the same time. Thanks to Revelations Patients Group in Riverside for providing this wonderful sample.